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    Autocorrect is me, Chris. I didn't grow up around auto repair, I chose it in 2007. I didn't even have a car yet, but it called out to my sensibilities. I enrolled in an associate's program in Automotive Technology and it paid off immediately with classmates paying me to copy my workbook. Smart of them since I'd graduate with honors. I received my Master Automobile Technician certification from ASE in 2010. I now boast 3 Advanced Level certifications for hybrid/electric vehicles, gasoline engines and diesel engines (in order of appeal). I've worked at dealerships and independent shops, from Houston, TX to Vancouver, BC and finally Portland, OR. My edge comes from the fact that I enjoy what I do and want to be an absolute wizard at it. I have always enjoyed puzzles, technology, tinkering, DIY and a lot of energy. Plus helping people? Sign me up. 

     Great Chris, but what about that automotive buzzword: honesty? Well, I try to operate in a way so that you never even wonder. Instead of taking my word, I'd rather show you the issues in person and with photos and video on my shop software. I think a client that understands the fix is more likely to be satisfied so that's where I focus a lot of my energy. Check out the software I use and the rest of the gallery for what you can expect from Autocorrect.


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