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Shop Software
Here's the shop software with inspection notes and pictures. You the client may also post, upload, approve repairs and keep track of progress in real time.
2005 Ford Focus
Visual aid! Rear brake pads are very low at less than 2mm and are ready for replacement.
2005 Ford Focus
Front brake pads are very good at 10mm.
2012 Hyundai Tucson
It's not very exciting, but troubleshooting should always start with research. This Tucson had a check engine light on for cylinder #1 misfire on cold starts only. I found a bulletin from Hyundai for an engine computer software update that changes the detection logic for cold start misfires. Research quickly led me to a known defect that could have cost a lot of time trying to figure out with unnecessary tests.
2007 Toyota Prius
My portable lift with a Portland car in some Portland weather.
1999 Subaru Legacy
Check engine light was on with a couple of codes. Troubleshooting led me to this EGR pipe plugged with carbon deposits. Cleaning out the pipe was the fix.
1995 Honda Civic
This Civic had wipers that would operate any time and any way they wanted to. Electrical troubleshooting led me to this burned up wiper control module.
1999 Volkswagen Jetta
Not much troubleshooting is needed for a bad wheel bearing, especially when it's this bad! Usually a test drive is all that is needed to identify the signature growl.
1991 Volvo 240
This Volvo 240 failed DEQ, enter Autocorrect. It turned out the check engine light should have been on but was burned out. Troubleshooting the check engine light codes led me to an open oxygen sensor circuit, which led me to chaffed wires and the blown fuse. Repairing the wires and replacing the fuse got this car through DEQ.
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